Service Calls

by KE Industrial



Lights not working? It could be the lamp, ballast, wiring, or connections. We can repair or replace all types of lighting, including fluorescent, incandescent, HID, and LED.


Switch or outlet not working? We can diagnose and repair issues with your electrical devices. It could be a problem with the device or wiring.
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Breaker keeps tripping? You could have a bad breaker or heavier load than the breaker can accomodate. We can also repair any other issues with distribution, including dead circuits or inoperable devices.


Any other strange electrical problems? We are committed to repairing your issue in the shortest amount of time possible.

Service Calls

by KE Industrial

Needing a service call with an electrician can be completely unexpected. The inconvenience of having an electrical malfunction combined with needing to coordinate an appointment with an electrician that will show up on time and do the job right can often be a real concern.

Our licensed electricians will arrive in a vehicle fully equipped with all of the tools and supplies needed to solve your electrical issues. If electrical troubleshooting is necessary, they’ll troubleshoot the problem and then give you an estimate, if needed, within a reasonable amount of time.