Lighting Repair and Replacement

Maintenance & Remodel by KE Industrial

Maintenance & Remodel Lighting


Repair or replace fluorescent lighting including high output, shatterproof, slimline, irregular tube shapes in all sizes and associated ballasts.
Maintenance & Remodel Lighting


Repair or replace all types and sizes of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, including high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH), including wallpacks and ceiling mounted fixtures and ballasts.
Maintenance & Remodel Lighting

Parking Lot Lights

Repair or replace various types of parking lot lights, ballasts, and poles. We can also relocate poles and circuits if needed.
Maintenance & Remodel Lighting

LED Retrofit

We can convert many types of older light fixtures to more modern and energy efficient LEDs if desired.
Maintenance & Remodel Lighting

Monthly Maintenance Plan

Our monthly lighting maintenance plan features a monthly (or bi-weekly) visit from our trained electricians to audit, document, and repair your facility's burned out lamps.
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Lighting Maintenance

Repair or Replace

Adequate and proper lighting is essential not only to the aesthetics of a facility, but it is also paramount to facility safety. With vast experience in fluorescent, HID, LED, and parking lot lighting maintenance, we can be your complete lighting solution. Our 40' bucket truck enables us to service high outdoor lighting, and we can use scissor and boom lifts to get to the hard to reach lamps inside your building.

We also offer monthly lighting maintenance plans to perform regular check ups and repairs on your facility's lighting. We are happy to offer discounted labor rates for our monthly lighting maintenance customers.